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a:coach - No.1 Application for measuring and evolving a Coaching Culture

published by: Atomus

a:coach is an on/off-Line coaching tool that can be utilized by all levels of the organization to capture and track coaching interventions. It is completely configurable to the competencies and skills that have been identified as key in growing both revenue and a coaching culture. a:coach enables the advanced reporting crucial to the success of a new or evolving coaching program.

Addon Nice Technologies

Addon Nice

published by: Addon Nice Technologies

Addon Nice Server is a full server designed to improve Microsoft CRM. It contains CRM utilities and is the basement for a suite of business oriented extensions, with powerful tools unavailable in MS CRM. It also allows a user to copy data between CRM servers in version 3 and 4 using Data Migration. A publishing engine allows the user to publish a MS CRM on the web using any kind of navigator and allowing any external user to register in the CRM and access internal data according roles.

Blue Dot Solutions

Advanced Mobile Cyan

published by: Blue Dot Solutions

Advanced Mobile Cyan is Blue Dot’s Windows Azure powered middleware infrastructure for cloud-based Packaged Mobile Line of Business solutions. A critical component of Blue Dot’s Advanced Mobile Platform, Advanced Mobile Cyan provides an optimized for mobility, multi-tenant communications and integration infrastructure that supports device synchronization for many different mobile devices and platforms as well as integration with many different back-end business systems.

Adxstudio Inc.

Adxstudio Portals for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

published by: Adxstudio Inc.

Adxstudio Portals transforms Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 into a powerful web engagement platform connecting your customers, partners and stakeholders online with total CRM integration and efficiency. Whether you deploy your portals on-premise, at partner-hosted facilities, or in the cloud with CRM Online and Windows Azure, it has never been easier to integrate your organization’s web portal with Dynamics CRM.

AppPoint Software Solutions P Ltd.,


published by: AppPoint Software Solutions P Ltd.,

AppsOnAzure from AppPoint is standards based “Business Application Infrastructure “which offer a unique 100% model driven approach to develop process management solutions spanning across functional units and Industries. AppsOnAzure’s model driven approach offers very high level of technology abstraction accelerating the development process increasing ROI and reducing TCO as well as delivers rich integrated capabilities eliminating the need to invest on numerous tools.

RainWorx Software (RainWeb LLC)

AuctionWorx Enterprise

published by: RainWorx Software (RainWeb LLC)

Online auction software for launching your own auction, fixed price, or classified ads website. List your own products or enable multiple sellers. Full invoicing with checkout options for sales or charging fees.

Avineon, Inc.

Avineonics Readiness Index

published by: Avineon, Inc.

A secure on-line system for medium and large organizations to define, measure, and monitor emergency preparedness. Executives and managers can use this tool to govern preparedness by establishing internal controls and tracking progress through periodic reviews.


Beeyond- BEE Management System

published by: IdeaTriangle

The main objective of Beeyond- BEE Process Management Application is to measure the BEE Compliance on all 7 elements of Generic scorecard. Major focus is to define all standards for Human Capital, Value Chain and Sustainability & Governance based on BEE Principles defined by Department of Trade and Industry, which can help any Company who want to get their BEE Generic Scorecard evaluated on annual basis for optimizing their Process & Strategies to score more.



published by: HIGH TECH GROUP

"BiBOARD consists of two modules that meet various user requirements and profiles: -BiBOARD Studio is positioned as a universal interface to work. Users business experts and / or technical, will have their hands on creating queries, ownership in secure environments, and their fitness -BiBOARD Web is the path to the Web world. With this last module, you put at the disposal of your employees, your customers, your suppliers and so on."


Business b-ridge 品質保証コラボレーション

published by: 東洋ビジネスエンジニアリング株式会社

昨今のサプライチェーンネットワークの形成により、開発段階からアライアンスパートナー戦略が設定され、設計・開発段階での緻密な連携による設計品質の作りこみ活動が行われています。 品質保証コラボレーションは、開発から製品の終結まで、プロダクトライフサイクルを通じたCAPA(不具合の再発防止に関する標準的な手法)を実現します。

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