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Saldlab LLC

Fidesys online

published by: Saldlab LLC

A program package FIDESYS is dedicated to solving static and dynamic strength problems of stress and strain states of solids under finite strains with the use of the finite-elements method (FEM), the spectral-elements method (SEM), and the discontinuous Galerkin method (DG).


Sitefinity CMS

published by: Telerik

Sitefinity is a web content management platform that helps organizations deliver an engaging web presence. Sitefinity offers an integrated approach for your entire web presence – from web content management, lead generation and campaign management to collaboration platforms, and corporate intranets for your team. You can quickly launch comprehensive corporate websites, effective marketing campaigns, optimized landing pages, event or product-focused microsites.

Integrated Business Solutions, LLC

Cobalt Project Manager

published by: Integrated Business Solutions, LLC

Online project management and collaboration solution that allows teams to create and share project schedules, resource management and track related project information.


published by: Madeforit

Solve your tasks online.

ReadSoft AB

ReadSoft Online

published by: ReadSoft AB

ReadSoft Online automatically captures data from supplier invoices. In the basic process, images of invoices are sent to ReadSoft Online, relevant fields are extracted and, together with the images, sent over to a target system. It is used instead of, or as a complement to, an on-premises solution. ReadSoft Online incorporates advanced technology, refined business logic and country-specific knowledge to efficiently capture fields and corresponding data—both header and line items.


Kentico - integrated marketing solution

published by: Kentico

Kentico is an all-in-one integrated marketing solution that makes sophisticated website content management, online marketing, e-commerce, communities, and intranets simple and affordable for businesses of all sizes.


Online Contract Management

published by: Sopima

Sopima Online Service for Contract Management is designed to revolutionize the way organizations control, create, negotiate, and utilize contracts, and ensures productivity for both managers and legal personnel. It adds value by shortening the time to negotiate deals, saving time on daily tasks, and enabling transparency with extensive search and reporting on all contract assets. It also takes risk management to a new level by eliminating expensive lessons in neglected or forgotten commitments.

Scribe Software

Scribe Online Integration Services

published by: Scribe Software

Scribe Online Integration Services is a multi-tenant, Cloud-based data integration platform that runs natively within Microsoft Azure and utilizes the Azure Service Bus, allowing seamless integration between premised, public cloud, and private cloud environments. Scribe Online includes a large portfolio of pre-built connectors giving you instant access to business applications and data sources such as Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and NetSuite. With its powerful drag and drop visual programming language, data integration processes can be rapidly configured and modified to meet the changing integration needs of any business. Built for developers looking to provide integration capabilities to a broad set of customers, Scribe Online is infinitely extensible with its open Connector Development Kit and can be fully embedded within existing processes via its RESTful API. Make integration a unified part of your offering with Scribe Online. Read the Scribe/Azure case study.

CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Backup

published by: CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Backup Server Edition is designed to run in the Windows Server 2003/2008 (32 and 64 bit) environment. It is a powerful Backup and Restore program that leverages Amazon S3 storage to make your disaster recovery plans simple, reliable, and affordable.



published by: Suntek

ZunMoney is a solution designed for micro-, small and medium enterprises, and allows the company to efficiently manage all processes, as well as administrative and accounting operations, from the Internet through a Web browser.

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